Friday, March 25, 2022

********* HAPPY NAW-RUZ *********

Sleeper!Sleeper! Wake up now!

Your lover is here!

Get up, and brush the cobwebs off your hair.

Now your sweet love has come with love for you.

Wake up, dead lover! Your loved one is here.

The doctor of mercy stands by your bed.

Get up! Get up! No more grief, no more tears!

You—still cold from your long separation—will now embrace your love!

That much is clear!

So wan, so worn, and wasted by the Fall— Get up! Get up!

At last the Spring is here.

It’s New Year’s Day.

Life is calling for you.

Rise up, you corpse of every dead, past year

unpublished translation of a poem from Tahirih from Bahá'í poet Tony Lee in Los Angeles!

Actually, Tahirih has a poem that mentions the New Year. Some speculate that it may have been written to celebrate Naw-Ruz.

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